Census 2020

What is Census 2020 and Why is it Important?

Census 2020 is a national effort to count every person once, only once, and in the right place. The information gathered tells the government how many representatives we get in Congress and where to distribute over $675 billion dollars in funding. Our schools, roads, hospitals, emergency services, and many more services are determined by an accurate count during the Census. You can help your community get the resources it needs by making sure you are counted! Go to 2020Census.gov to learn more!

How Can I Be Counted?

By April 1st, 2020 everyone will be invited to respond to the Census. You can respond in the following three ways:

Online: link TBD!

By phone: 301-763-4636

By mail: Census form sent to your address

**All Census takers you see will be wearing badges and have bags with the Census logo. A Census worker will never ask you for your Social Security number, money, or your bank information. Learn more about avoiding fraud here.

Who is Hard To Count in Kinston?

Some people are less likely to be counted than others. For the 2020 Census, we are trying to get a better count of:

-Children under 6. Counting young children is especially important for supporting schools, child health, food assistance, and resources for children experiencing poverty.

- Residents in Census Tract 104 (Downtown) and Census Tract 103 (Southeast Kinston) shown by the dark blue sections of the map on the right. Tract 103 is one of the hardest to count populations in the country. If you or someone you know lives in either district, encourage them to fill out the Census or become a Census Taker to help their community get the resources they are entitled to!

How Can I Be Paid as a Census Taker?

Through the 2020 Census, residents can earn extra income while helping the community! In Lenoir County, the pay rate per hour for a census taker is $15.50, including reimbursement for work-related mileage and expenses. Apply today at 2020census.gov/jobs or call (1-855-562-2020)  

Who in Kinston/Lenoir County is working on the Census?

The following partners are working on spreading information about the 2020 Census:


-Kinston Community Health Center

-City of Kinston

More information about partner events during the Census will be released shortly

Census Partnership Web Badges_1A_v1.8_12.10.2018


If you have more questions about the Census, you can contact the Census Bureau at 301-763-4636 or Sarah Arney Community Development Planner at 252-939-3271 or by email at sarah.arney@ci.kinston.nc.us